Shipping methods and delivery time

Orders are normally dispatched within 3-4 business days, if everything goes smoothly.

In Italy products are delivered, on average, in 24 hours; in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia products are delivered in 48h while minor islands, free zones, Venice lagoon and hard-to-reach areas, as defined by the courier, require 3 business days.

Please note that delivery times are subject to change for delays attributable to the courier
that do not depend on Galaxy srl, especially during holiday periods.

In any case, Galaxy Color S.r.l. shall not be held responsible for delayed deliveries.

All our products will be carefully packed and shipped as safely and quickly as possible. Domestic shipments will be made via courier express service.


Shipping costs

Products are shipped free of charge in Italy and abroad.

Galaxy Color S.r.l. will ship the products ordered within 3-4 business days after receipt of payment (except immediate unavailability of the product).

Please provide a shipping address where someone is always there to pick up the package, to avoid problems and delays in the process of delivery and/or other additional costs that will be charged to the customer.

Once received the package, customers are required to carefully check that the package is properly sealed and undamaged and that the number of packages delivered is correct.   If the package is not intact or is damaged, or if one or more packages are missing, the customer shall immediately report it to the courier; otherwise the product will be deemed duly delivered.


Additional costs

Optional insurance*: € 9,00 (Maximum value € 500.00 10% deductible)

*Shipping insurance is always optional and Customers can choose to buy it at the time of payment.

Goods always travel at the Customer’s risk, except in case of insured shipping.

Galaxy Color S.r.l. shall not be held responsible for the delivery of the goods, or for any loss, damage or tampering during transport of goods which are not covered by shipping insurance.

In case of loss of the insured package, the courier will refund the amount declared with a 10% deductible, while Galaxy Color S.r.l. will manage the refund process.

Any costs of storage shall be borne by the Customer.

Galaxy Color S.r.l. will pay any costs of storage only where it is found responsible for having communicated incorrect shipping information to the courier.