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Il fertilizzante

To help your plants grow in the best way, you need to create a suitable environment, rich in oxygen and nutrients dissolved in the water.

The most common hydroponic fertilizers on the market require continuous monitoring of the salinity and acidity of the nutrient solution; that is why, up to now, hydroponics has always been a method used only by experts.

Greendea has developed an innovative fertilizer which does not need daily checks.

The right amount is already pre-measured: just dilute 2.5 ml of SuperGrow in tap water and the solution is ready for use. Greendea will signal when the fertilizer has lost its effectiveness.

This fertilizer will immediately release all the substances required by the plant during the different stages of growth and flowering. Moreover, it will maintain the ideal values of acidity of the water stable, preventing the roots from turning black or rotting, thus avoiding unpleasant odors. The right amount to be used is pre-measured.


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