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Coltivazione indoor

The original one, small and compact, suitable for any room in your home or office, with a single LED grow light. The use of water instead of soil provides an aseptic environment, which is ideal in places where hygiene and cleanliness are crucial.

Technical drawing

As we can see in Figure 1) GD1 is powered by a low voltage, only 12 volts, which makes it safe for each environment; as shown in Figure 2) you can easily check the level of the nutrient solution. 

Figure 3) shows how growth, light and nutrients are monitored and managed by a special microprocessor.  In Figure 4) we can see the LED warning light, which turns on when the nutrient solution is running out.

Figures 5 and 6 show how GD1 allows you to adjust the height of the light and to grow one or more plants at the same time

As shown in Figure 7), you have the possibility to change spring/summer daylight hours, while Figure 8) shows how you can turn on the light according to your needs.

As shown in Figure 9) by replacing the hydroponic pot, you can grow your plants using soil and a regular or a terracotta pot. As you can see in Figure 10) this device uses a 9-watt LED light.

Figure 11) shows the size of the device.