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Greendea is an innovative system exploiting hydroponics: a method of growing plants which ensures higher productivity, at a lower cost, with controlled quality and water savings compared to traditional growing techniques and that is of particular interest today, for its use in particularly difficult conditions, as in the case of: dry areas, polluted areas.

Small and compact, it can be placed anywhere: its small size makes it suitable for every home; its linear design allows you to position it in any room of your house, as well as in the office, even if it is in the kitchen that Greendea finds its natural habitat, ensuring high quality and fresh ingredients.

A new way of growing plants

Greendea is the new, alternative and extremely simple way of growing plants, that makes nature a pleasure available to all of us, easy and fun like a game.

You just need water, seeds, nutrients and an electrical outlet, to see medicinal herbs, plants or flowers growing in a short time, without having any special technical or botanical skills.


Greendea is easy to use: it consists of a reservoir, where the water is kept, closed by a lid housing one or more plant pots.  You just have to fill the tank with tap water, add our fertilizer seeds and turn on the light. In a few days you will see the first sprouts appear.

Il prodotto GreendeaThe roots, in fact, are immersed in a solution consisting of water, nutrients and oxygen, from which plants absorb everything they need to grow luxuriantly. The right amount of light is provided by a red and blue LED light simulating the duration of the day-night cycle and stimulating an ongoing growth, thus ensuring excellent results throughout the year, with low power consumption.

Up to now hydroponics has always been a method used only by experts: the continuous monitoring of the salinity, hardness and acidity of water and the correct dosage of the solutions used and oxygenation throughout the entire life cycle, required necessary daily measurements and continuous adjustments.

But Greendea is the innovative solution to all these technical issues; this device autonomously manages all stages of the life cycle: the light and the nutrients are controlled by a microcomputer housed in the device, with parameters already configured to ensure optimum growth. The same computer also signals when it is time to add water and new nutrients.

The Fertilizer immediately provides all the substances needed by the plant during growth and flowering, which are two distinct phases; it also helps to maintain the ideal acidity values of water stability, it does not blacken and does not rot the roots, thus avoiding unpleasant odors. The right amount to be used is already pre-measured.

Greendea is clean: it creates an aseptic growing environment, free from insects, weeds and pathogens; it does not require pesticides or GMOs.

Greendea is environmentally friendly: with this device, soilless cultivation is now possible, thus optimising the use of water. Since the roots are immersed directly in water, the plant can absorb the necessary substances, avoiding unnecessary losses in the soil.


Greendea is now available in three models

GD1 – the original, small and compact model, suitable for any room in your home or office;

GD2 and GD3 – their increased size allows you to grow up to 70 cm tall plants. To ensure the same amount of light to the plant throughout its height, it was necessary to redesign the whole device. The new 70-watt grow light has movable wings, which allow you to provide the right amount of light to the outer leaves. Moreover, white, blue and red LEDs have been enhanced.

Greendea is a registered trademark, the result of Italian creativity, tenacity and innovations skills, that is now waiting to obtain the Italian and international patent, are now pending.


In 2012 Greendea won the prestigious Flormagazine award for technological innovation at Flormart, the most important gardening and horticulture exhibition of Europe held in Padua.