What is Greendea?

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Crea il tuo orto in casa con il sistema innovativo Greendea

Greendea is an innovative, but simple and effective system that allows you to grow beautiful plants and flowers at home, throughout the year, whenever and wherever you want, without soil and without any specific knowledge of plants. The light and the nutrients are controlled by a microcomputer.

Technically, this is an innovative hydroponic system, with LED grow lights used to grow plants at home, throughout the year,  regardless of weather conditions and seasons.

Greendea is easy to use: it consists of a reservoir, where the water is kept, closed by a lid housing one or more plant pots. You just need to fill the reservoir with tap water, add our fertilizer and turn on the light. In a few days you will see the first sprouts appear.

Greendea is clean: it creates an aseptic growing environment, free from insects, weeds and pathogens; it does not require pesticides or GMOs.

It is also environmentally friendly: with this device, soilless cultivation is now possible, thus optimising the use of water. Since the roots are immersed directly in water, the plant can absorb the necessary substances, avoiding unnecessary losses in the soil.