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Sistema di coltivazione indoor per la casa o il ristorante

Greendea ensures rich and healthy controlled productions throughout the year, since the plants are grown aseptically (indoor growing). Therefore home spaces, such as kitchens, living rooms and offices, represent the most suitable environments to grow fresh aromatic herbs and flowers.

It is gratifying to get in the kitchen and be greeted by the unmistakable scent of fresh herbs, to grow basil, chili, mint, oregano, small fruits or vegetables directly at home throughout the year, and have an inexhaustible supply of fresh ingredients always available, regardless of weather conditions and seasons.

It is perfect for restaurants, where the freshness of spices and ingredients in general are certainly a strength that drives customers to choose a place rather than another, but also for reception desks, waiting rooms, clinics. This device can also be chosen as an original and useful gift.